The Thin World

2008 0412

Hi gang,

We had a trio of fairly short trips to Acererak's lair this time around.

We played a bunch with the stones surrounding the first smokey portal.
We were good, and had Nevermore and Brother Anathama use it only,
with a system of empathizing for primitive communication between
Anatham and Tarman via Nevermore.  We discovered that there are
at least 3 ways in which teleporting can happen.  With smoke filling
it, it takes us to the room of 3 levers.  If you press the three
glowing stones starting with the lower left in a clockwise direction
and walk in on the red path, it takes you to the room with the stone
gargoyle statue.  If you press them and walk through NOT on the
red path, it takes you to the entrance of the cave.  In both cases
you aren't stripped of your possessions.

Finished with that, we planned to go back to the lower hall with
all the colored orbs, but then we realized there might be something
behind the fresco in the hallway of a man in a prison.  We were
right – behind the plaster was a door.  Behind the door a room.  In
the room two more doors, and a badass gargoyle that kicked our asses
(and laid me out cold).  Thanks to Tarman the teleporter, we didn't die.

And after (again) a few days of recovery and additional spells and
potions and scrolls, we came back for more punishment.  This time
we used a Silence spell to head directly to the archway, and from
there to the room of the statue and then out to the "orb hallway".
First though we checked out the 3-armed gargyle statue, and noted
that the three attached hands were cupped into a shape that would
nicely hold a gem (the fourth didn't want to automatically re-attach
when I held it up into place).

We explored the two orbs we hadn't looked in before – one was
a series of arrow-trap filled secret door filled rooms, the other
a passageway to an evil temple.  We first went the temple route,
and explored the evil 70'x70' temple.  It had 8 large pews, an
evil altar, two urns, two candelabras, and the skeleton of a
dead human in chainmail pointing to the third smoke-filled
archway.  We did a careful and thorough search, and found a
small slot along the wall opposite the archway.  Putting a coin
in it resulted in no effect.  Perhaps this is where we have to
put the "band of magic metal".

Examinging the two urns, we found that one was buzzing, and had
something magical inside as well as two evil things inside.  So
we stood far back, Eversmall shot at it with sling bolts to break
it open, while Tarman readied a spell to attack whatever came out.
On the fourth sling bolt, it cracked open slightly, and two clouds
of insects spewed forth, which Tarman promptly Fireballed.  Eversmall
then attempted to turn them, and succeded in turning one cloud!
Tig and I threw holy water, acid, and oil on the other cloud that
was slowly moving toward us while Tarman used Scortching Rays to
kill it.  He then killed the other one (that was fleeing Eversmall),
while I checked out the urn.  I found an amulet – a gem on a chain.

We then searched the rest of the room, and found lots of coins in
6 of the eight pews.  We found two set of pews with 4,000sp in them,
two sets with 500gp in them, and two sets with 2,000gp in them.  We
also found two empty pews that had traps set on them.  More searching
and evil and magic detection turned up that the altar was both
evil and magic, the amulet magic (we knew that), and the smoke-filled
portal magic.

We left the room and returned to the succession of arrow-trap-filled
rooms connected by secret doors, and using the stoneskin scrolls we
worked our way through them to a final room with a real door.
We opened this, only to discover it was one of the two other doors
of the room with the original badass gargyle.  We slammed the door
shut, but he pulled it open – just as Tarman the transporter
saved our asses again.

After an overnight to regain spells, we headed back just to get to
the temple to grab all the coins (we brought sacks).

Back in Nordsea, we took the amulet to the Mages guild and found
out it is an amulet of wound closure, worth 15,000gp.

And thus ended our day of play.

We received 750XP each, and have treasure valued at:
 15,000gp amulet
 5,000gp coins
 8,000sp coins
 20,800gp loot

I'm guesing that we still have around 3,000gp unspent from our earlier
15,000gp (after getting +1 weapons for Tig & Eversmall: ~4,000gp; and
+1 armour and +1 shield for Eversmall: ~2,000gp; full set of masterwork
weapons and simple armor for Tig and various supplies and 3 sets of
1st level spell wands and 6x high level scrolls: ~4,000gp and a new
spellbook for Tarman: ~1,000gp + misc. ~1,000gp).  So assume 24,000gp
to spend on beefing ourselves up.

We've invested first in general party consumables (wands, potions,
scrolls), and in ensuring all have some magic weapon, and in our first
fighter so he can have a good AC.

I suggest our next round of investments must first include a magic loop
of metal (which we presume will need to be sacrifieced to get through
the third smokey archway), as well as beefing up Anathama and Tig, and
perhaps Tarman.

Therefore, I propose the following purchases:

 2,000gp Ring of Protection +1 for Brother Anathama
 2,000gp Ring of Protection +1 for Tarman
 4,000gp Gloves of Dexterity +2 for Tig
 4,000gp Periapt of Wisdom +2 for Brother Anathama
 3,000gp Armor upgrade for Eversmall to +2 chain shirt
15,000gp total spent

That still leaves us with another 9,000gp unspent.  Places that money
could go (returning to us stuff we used to have):

 5,500gp Boots of Striding and Springing for Eversmall
 2,000gp Magic melee weapon for Eversmall (e.g. +1 sling)
 3,000gp Second armor upgrade for Eversmall (e.g. +2 shield)

 4,000gp Gloves of Dexterity +2 for Brother Anathama

 1,000gp/each for Pearls of Power 1st level spell for Tarman

 2,000gp Heward's Handy Haversack (120 lbs) for Tig
 2,500gp Bag of Holding Type 1 (holds 250lbs in 30cuft) for Tig

My personal votes are for the bag of holding (the 250lbs is more
valuable to us), improving either Eversmall's armor or giving him
a magic ranged weapon, and giving Anathama +2 to DEX.




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